SNAP! PRO - when you don't want to carry a DSLR around

Looking for the feel and look of a regular camera, but don't want to have to carry both your iPhone and DSLR. Unfortunately, the iPhone is very limited when it comes to the possibilities of adding lenses and mounting on a tripod. In order to solve this problem SNAP! 6 PRO might be just what you need.

IMAGE SOURCE: Bitplay wrote an excellent article on this.

"A picture speaks a thousand words, but photos don’t do this product justice. When you put this case on your iPhone, it is transformed into a camera. The two included ergonomic hand grips, one to match the case and one wood grain, makes it easier to hold the iPhone steadily. An optional thumb grip makes your iPhone even more comfortable to hold. A threaded hole allows you to mount your iPhone on a tripod. Two included wrist loops prevent you from dropping your iPhone. Best of all, a physical shutter button allows pre-smartphone muscle memory to come back for more natural shooting. I can’t figure out how that shutter button works because it’s not over any of the iPhone’s buttons, but it does".

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