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Our mission is to showcases advances in technology, policy, social media and gadgets in the consumer technology industry. SiNGLE GADGET celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit in inventions and startups, the ideas, strategies and leadership skills that exemplify the industry and looks at what is in the pipeline.


Phantom 3 Standard

COOL SINGLE GADGET The Phantom 3 Standard is the best way to start enjoying aerial photography, even with no prior experience. With the all-in-one ready to fly design and simple GPS- assisted flight, the Phantom...
AWE 2016: Augmented Reality Glasses with Eye Tracking

AWE 2016: Augmented Reality Glasses with Eye Tracking

Eye tracking pioneers SensoMotoric Instruments and leaders in augmented reality near-to-eye displays Lumus have joined forces to create an AR experience like no other. The Lumus DK-50 AR glasses have been fitted with eye tracking cameras and SMI's advanced...
Cozmo Robot: the cute supercomputer on treadsvideo

Cozmo Robot: the cute supercomputer on treads

For decades, we have seen charismatic robots come to life in Hollywood films. What a powerful promise to the young viewers glaring up at the bright screen that a robot companion could exist. But will this be in our lifetime?
Continuous wine making micro winery

Continuous wine making micro winery

An American professor, working in collaboration with EPFL, is developing a miniature device for producing wine non-stop and testing different fermentation processes. The device is being designed for wine experts and winemakers, who will use it to identify the best yeast and the right fermentation temperature.

the Ray universal remote: change the way you interact with your devices

Ray is a consumer technology company focused on developing the next generation of hardware and software products. Their vision is to breathe new life into everyday objects. Their first creation, the Ray Super Remote, reimagines and reinvents the centre of our entertainment lives. Their team is comprised of industry-leading product designers, technologists, and marketers headquartered in New York City.
Samsung Creators

Samsung Creators is Accelerating Storytelling

Today Samsung Electronics America launched Samsung Creators, a new initiative that empowers storytellers, partnering with them to generate content across a variety of audiences and channels to show everyday creators what’s possible with Samsung VR technology.
sky bell hd reviewvideo

SkyBell HD WI-FI Video Doorbell Review

SkyBell HD doorbell is a Wi-Fi connected and video integrated doorbell which enables you to see and also talk to whoever is at the door, by using a smartphone, computer or tablet. SkyBell is mounted...

Let’s talk about my experience with Mojio…so far

Mojio was founded in 2012 and uses a device to provide you data from your vehicles via the OBD-II port. The video describes my thoughts after a month of using the Mojio as a consumer...

Shoka Bell is the ultimate city cycling gadget

Shoka, a bell that transforms any ordinary bicycle into a smart bike, has received funding from Ruvento, a hardware VC based in Singapore. Through sleek prototyping vetted by industrial design partners, crowdfunding, and extensive support in marketing and public relations, Ruvento will enable Shoka to bring its unique bicycle bell to market.
Interview with Samsung regarding the Gear 360

Interview with Samsung regarding the Gear 360

The Gear 360, Samsung’s first 360-degree camera, allows users to preserve their memories in a whole new way. At the same time, the device has been catching consumers’ attention with its unique and aesthetically pleasing design. So how did its makers come up with the design?

Industry's Latest Drone - Yuneec's Typhoon H

Yuneec recently launched a new model in their Typhoon series, the Typhoon H. Retailing for $1299, it costs about two times as much as the Typhoon Q500 4K The world first saw the Typhoon H...

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