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Our mission is to showcases advances in technology, policy, social media and gadgets in the consumer technology industry. SiNGLE GADGET celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit in inventions and startups, the ideas, strategies and leadership skills that exemplify the industry and looks at what is in the pipeline.

AMZER Snap on Shell Case

The AMZER Snap on Shell Case with Kickstand

SiNGLE DEAL OF THE DAY The AMZER Snap on Shell Case with Kickstand Add loads of style to most Apple iPhone without loads of unwanted weight and bulk. This lightweight Snap On Case with Kickstand features impact...

Still prefer paper to a tablet: then Moleskine+ might be your middle ground

The Moleskine+ collection is an ecosystem of digitally enhanced objects and apps; that gathers everything that Moleskine has done over the last few years. "The very idea of an analog/digital divide is passé" Peter Jensen, Head...
The cute new Kindle Oasis

The cute new Kindle Oasis

Eight years ago Amazon introduced Kindle. Which became an almost instant hit amongst e-book readers. Of course, this then led to new, lighter, more advanced Kindles over the years. Amazon quickly began promoting the Kindle...

CURB, energy monitoring - home intelligence

CURB is the first whole home energy intelligence system. Through sensors that connect directly to your breaker box, Curb monitors everything in your house that uses electricity. Curb knows which things are turned on, how...

Walabot, 3D Imaging System for Consumers

Vayyar Announces Walabot, a Handheld 3D Imaging System for Consumers, Developers, and Curious Inventors Everywhere Available in April for Android devices, Walabot sees beyond the limits of human vision The 3D- imaging sensor company whose technology...
August lock

August Smart Lock with homekit

The August smart lock allows you never to have to copy a key again. Create virtual keys for family and guests. Choose to grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few...

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