Let’s talk about my experience with Mojio…so far

Mojio was founded in 2012 and uses a device to provide you data from your vehicles via the OBD-II port.

The video describes my thoughts after a month of using the Mojio as a consumer and not from the perspective of an enterprise; for which I believe would have much more benefits.

Let’s talk about Mojio

I would like to add, which I forgot to mention in the video. Mojio does have a marketplace with various applications, however, at the moment nothing I found to be overly useful. Also, Mojio now works with Amazons, Alexa; which was not evident when I initially went to their site. Although, I'm happy to hear about this new relationship.

If Mojio continues to integrate itself into the IOT (internet-of-things), the device will definitely score higher on my list.

Read the Mojio meets Alexa article here.