Make your Hoverboard safer with HoverBars

So your kid got a hoverboard and now you are just dying to try it, or one of their siblings doesn't feel comfortable enough yet to get on it - HoverBars has got your, hands.

Since 2015 consumers have been swarming the marketplace, purchasing a record number of Hoverboards. However, some older adults and younger children have been left out of that market due to the initial challenges of balance and stability when you get on for the first time.

Co-Founders, Dr. Jason Rosenberg, and Rob Honeycutt have solved this problem with their Kickstarter campaign called, HoverBars.

Make your Overboard safer with Hoverbars
Get a handle on our your hover during the Hoverbars launch - visit Kickstarter or (PRNewsFoto/HoverBars)

"As a parent and neurologist, I understand that hoverboard falls have the potential to inflict devastating injuries, and recognised a need to make a hoverboard safer to ride," said Dr Jason Rosenberg.

According to them, HoverBars will attach to most hoverboards in less than two minutes to increase stability and control. The HoverBars are also adjustable, allowing for riders of all ages.

So now even the most novice of hoverboard owners will find that they too can be riding in a matter of minutes.

To purchase or get more information on the HoverBar, follow this link.

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