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Our mission is to showcases advances in technology, policy, social media and gadgets in the consumer technology industry. SiNGLE GADGET celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit in inventions and startups, the ideas, strategies and leadership skills that exemplify the industry and looks at what is in the pipeline.

iPhone is a decade old

Steve Jobs iPhone is a decade old

January 9 marks the tenth anniversary of iPhone’s blockbuster debut. At Macworld 2007 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs introduced the world to iPhone as three products in one

Bluetooth Hi-Fi Levitating Speaker

Crazybaby announced that the world’s first levitating speaker with subwoofer is available to Customers in the USA. The Mars speaker system features the levitating Mars Craft and the subwoofer Base Station. The...

Virtual reality gets real in 2017

Virtual Reality is ... well, real. The last year has seen the launch of every major VR platform, from high-quality tethered systems like HTC’s Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift, through to cheap-and-cheerful smartphone-based platforms like Google’s Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Sevenhugs Launches Breakthrough Smart Remote Control

Sevenhugs announces the launch of Smart Remote on Kickstarter, allowing users to control any device simply by pointing at it.

ONEBLADE : The perfect shave at home

OneBlade ($399) was developed by financial publisher Porter Stansberry, with the goal of allowing the user to experience the perfect barbershop quality shave wherever they are. Makes it a great splurge gift for a man who is always on the go.
25 essential iPhone tips

25 essential iPhone tips

Essential iPhone tips for getting the most from your smartphone experience.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Four years ago Mike Farley cofounded Tile with a simple goal: he wanted to help his wife, Camila, who was always losing things. The list was very long! It included a half dozen jackets; a cell phone; motorcycle keys; backpacks—even a rental car. After she lost her mother’s ruby ring, she cried for days. They turned the apartment upside down and posted signs on street lamps. They never found the ring.

Nespresso’s Smart Coffee Machine - Prodigio

Enjoy the benefits of the first Nespresso connected machine!The NEW Prodigio machine takes full advantage of your mobile device and brings your coffee experience to an innovative and easygoing level. Linked with the Nespresso app, a special tab gives you immediate access to dedicated Prodigio features : - track your capsule stock in real time - reorder your favourite Grand Crus with a simple click and never run out - program your coffee at your desired time - whenever your machine requires attention, the Nespresso app will let you know Delighting yourself with a Nespresso Grand Cru has never been easier.

SOLARIN : A Military-Grade Smartphone by SIRIN LABS

Privacy and mobile technology are the hot topics of today. As the value of digital information far eclipses that ever held under lock and key, we seek innovative encryption apps and secure technologies to protect ourselves. And yet no solution quite fits.

The Intelligent Sports Bra : OMbra

OMbra’s embedded sensor technology captures your key body signals to accurately determine your personalized smart running zones. OM’s Biometric Coach guides you using your own data, so you can achieve greater progress, maximize fat burn and reduce the potential risk of injury and unnecessary fatigue. OM…bringing the science of mindful running to women.
Samsung Notebook 9 update

Samsung Notebook 9 update

The Samsung Notebook 9 delivers the latest in Notebook technology in a sleek and light design. With advanced features including enhanced connectivity, premium display and an added layer of security, the Samsung Notebook 9 offers the performance and portability to go wherever you need to go.

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