Dating culture and dating apps are everywhere. With so many to pick from it's hard to know which one to choose.

A few of the more popular dating apps over the last little while have been:

  • OkCupid, has a vast user base, in addition to its messaging tools.
  • Tinder, the popular swipe and scroll dating app. The app displays singles in your area.
  • Hitch, which lets your friends set up matches for you through Facebook. Once you hit it off with someone in chat, you can send a request to find out more about your match.

In the 1990's it was Craigslist and AOL chat rooms, then and; but believe it or not kiddies, there was a time when people used to meet their partners through family and friends.

As mobile dating continues to become even more mainstream, niche companies are looking for new ways to engage singles.

A new app called Peeq is putting the focus on the social aspect of going out and meeting people. "Peeq is not just another dating app," says Founder, Chris Gaviria, "but is instead a social app for people who like to go out."

The app allows you to chat with others while at the same time locating featured bars and club venues in most major cities. Users can check-in at any listed venue, and receive notifications when any of their matches are also checked in at that same location.

Like most mobile apps nowadays, Peeq integrates with Facebook to see if other users have checked-in through Facebook; then automatically checks them in through Peeq.

Peeq is initially rolling out in South Florida.

Peeq is available as a free download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Visit the Peeq website for further information.