Records Team today announce the release of Records 1.2 for Mac, a major update to their popular and easy to use personal database application for OS X. Records for Mac is built exclusively for the Mac, and offers an excellent balance between ease of use and powerful features. The app offers any Mac user the ability to create custom databases as easily as dragging and dropping 15 fully-configurable fields into place on a form.
Records 1.2 for MacThe Records canvas editor allows users to customize the layout and design of their forms, designing and building a database template in minutes. The intelligent drag-and-drop editor will have users up and running in no time at all. Configurable form fields ensure the correct data is entered where it should be entered. Properties such as text case, date format, and image scale make your data attractive and presentable.

Records for Mac's Visual Editor also includes stunning themes that offer several beautiful colors to choose from. Pre-filled lists offer an easy way to add and use lists on the database forms, saving time and effort. Records includes 30  ready to use templates to start using the app in just a few seconds and are also shareable. With just a few clicks, users can share their database templates with friends, family and colleagues.

Easy setup and design isn't all that Records for Mac has to offer. A database isn't worth the silicon it's written to if the application used to access the data can't offer a fast and easy way to find needed information from the data stored inside it. Records offers full text search, which allows anyone to quickly enter a search query and easily search the entire database to find exactly the data they need.

As well as being easy to setup and maintain, Records for Mac is scalable. Records supports databases with tens of thousands of records, so now there is no need to compromise when it comes to storing and accessing important data. Users also don't have to fear slowdowns when dealing with large amount of records. The application also allows easy importing, exporting and backup of data, so there is never a need to worry about losing data in case of a hard drive crash.
Records 1.2 for MacRecords is built exclusively for the Mac, and uses a number of modern OS X features and technologies, including: Cocoa, Core Data, Quartz, Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit, Full-Screen, Calendar, Contacts and more. The Records user interface has been fully optimized to take advantage of Macs with Retina displays, including the new iMacs and MacBook Pros.

Records for Mac is an innovative data collection and management tool that any Mac user can easily make use of to safely and efficiently store their personal and business-related data. Records Team will continually work to enhance and improve Records for Mac.

"There has always been a real need for a personal database app that would allow users to create and maintain databases to store their information," says Andrea Gelati, founder of Records Team. "With Records for Mac, we've brought that capability to Mac users, allowing them to store the information they need to access without the need for any prior coding or database design knowledge."

* Incredibly easy, drag & drop form and database creation
* Canvas editor lets you customize the layout and design of your forms
* Table view lets you display, edit and sort data in a single view
* 30  templates ready to use lets you start using Records in seconds
* 15  fully-configurable form fields, including images, contacts, URLs and ratings
* Powerful alignment guides help you design visually appealing forms
* Use one of several pre-filled lists, such as countries, currencies, or credit card vendors
* Build your own forms and choose your favorite eye-candy color theme
* Full text search help to find instantly your data
* Easily import, export and backup your data in CSV/TSV formats (Bento's users are welcome)
* Import, export and share templates with friends, family and colleagues
* No prior database design or coding knowledge required
* Localized in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish

Get it from the iTunes store here.