Shoka Bell is the ultimate city cycling gadget

Shoka, a bell that transforms any ordinary bicycle into a smart bike, has received funding from Ruvento, a hardware VC based in Singapore. Through sleek prototyping vetted by industrial design partners, crowdfunding, and extensive support in marketing and public relations, Ruvento will enable Shoka to bring its unique bicycle bell to market.

“The bell is the most important safety feature for a cyclist during the daytime; it plays the same role as a lamp at night. Shoka Bell is twice as loud as standard bells, it has different ringtones for cars and pedestrians, and navigates with its led light and audio systems,” explains Shoka founder and CEO, Daniel Falus. “With Ruvento investment, we’ll bring new social biking experiences to millions of our fellow cycling enthusiasts.”

When asked about Shoka, Slava Solonitsyn, Managing Partner of Ruvento, explained that the company’s “team is very well prepared to execute their plans”, and noted that Ruvento was “glad to welcome them among our portfolio of companies”.

Shoka is entering the market at an opportune time for cycling. Cities across the globe are increasingly becoming destinations for generations Y and M, who are more conscious about personal transportation, and were raised with social media. “We are committed to utility cyclers, and we are bringing them the product they deserve. By 2017, Shoka will be widely available with a variety of features, including a camera add-on,” says Falus.

Shoka, a tech startup based in Budapest, Hungary, re-imagined the bicycle bell to turn any bicycle into a smartbike. The Shoka Bell improves the safety of riders, motorists and pedestrians. As well, the Shoka Bell provides theft alert, different bell tones to alert walkers and drivers, and an LED matrix display for navigation. Pairing with the Shoka App brings social networking and real-time meet-up opportunities to the bicycling scene. Learn more and sign up for the Shoka newsletter at