Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Intel Falcon 8+ : Commercial Drone

Intel Falcon 8+ : Commercial Drone

In the past few months, Intel has been hard at work in the drone space announcing the first consumer drone, the Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel RealSense technology for intelligent obstacle navigation, and the Intel Aero Platform, a platform for developers to build their own drones from the ground up.

Apple Campus 2 Construction: Drone Flyover

The video above published by Matthew Roberts today shows continued progress on Apple's Campus 2 site, and with construction work continuing between 7 am...
Broadcast from your drone with Periscope

Broadcast from your drone with Periscope

In the coming weeks, Periscope will be launching broadcast search and drone support, which will allow you to broadcast from your DJI supported drone,...

Peeping Drone (Tom) in Massachusetts

Ali DiCioccio, a 19-year-old Massachusetts woman, was "creeped out" early this week by a small drone peeking into her second-story window. Agawam Police Lieutenant Jennifer...
MIT drone algorithm for swarms

MIT drone algorithm for swarms

Swarms of drones flying in terrifyingly perfect formation could be one step closer, thanks to a control algorithm being developed at MIT. The complexities involved in...

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