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Dropbox iOS features to help you on the go

Dropbox iOS features to help you on the go

Working from your phone or tablet can make a big difference in your productivity, but sometimes it’s still hard to match the efficiency of working at your desk. Dropbox wants to change that. So they’re releasing a new Dropbox iOS app—and it has five new mobile productivity features that make working on your iPhone or iPad faster and easier.
Use Dropbox when your developing your app

Use Dropbox when you’re developing your app

If you’re a freelance developer, you probably know that building the next big thing takes time, testing, and many tries. And while organizing your work internally is one challenge, getting feedback from clients is a whole other ballgame. That’s where Dropbox Pro steps in. Getting organized with Dropbox makes collaborating with others a breeze so you can focus on building something amazing. Whether you’re getting assets from a designer, sending a build to a client for review, or shooting specs to a colleague for her input, everyone can stay up to speed with Dropbox.
Dropbox tips to stay safe on the internet

Dropbox tips to stay safe on the internet

Dropbox is taking the opportunity to promote responsible use of online technology. Everyone can do their part to make the internet a safer place. To help, they’ve put together this list of the most important steps you can take to safeguard your data in the cloud

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