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Super Mario on iPhone and iPad

Super Mario on iPhone and iPad

The most beloved video game hero of all time is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

City Salvation: Drone Wars Real World Gaming on the iPhone

Sensori Games introduces City Salvation: Drone Wars 1.0, its latest game title for iOS devices. Your mission is to remotely control a military attack drone to protect downtown Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco from massive attacking robot mechs, which drop from the sky. Zoom over and between city skyscrapers at breakneck speed controlling your drone by tilting your iPhone or iPad. As you fight through each mission, your dispatcher relays the danger and details of the war's story.
Coach Bus Simulator: A Realistic Bus Driving Challengevideo

Coach Bus Simulator: A Realistic Bus Driving Challenge

Ovilex Soft releases Coach Bus Simulator 1.0.1, an update to their very popular game title for iOS and Android devices. Coach Bus Simulator lets players select the bus of their choice, get behind the wheel, and carry passengers across stunningly detailed urban and rural landscapes. This app is complete with day/night scenes, realistic weather conditions, animated sequences of passengers entering/exiting the bus, realistic visual damage, tilt steering, turn signals, and more.
Clash Royale Encouraging Fair Playvideo

Clash Royale Encouraging Fair Play

For all of you who have wasted countless hours playing, Clash Royale; I know I have. Supercell is finally stepping up its fair play...

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