Saturday, February 17, 2018
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Kickstarter Project: Basswall is the Ultimate Stealth Sound System

When Basswall CEO Jamie White hung his company's new sound system on the wall in an Irish pub in Cannes and Antibes, France, the positive response was overwhelming. After all, a framed poster was pumping out studio-quality sound without wires or any visual indication that a speaker was involved--and people had just one question: Where can I get one? Today, that question is answered: Basswall has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, and early funders have the opportunity to receive the very first Basswalls in production.

GoBone: First “Smartbone” for Dogs

PulsePet opened pre-order sales for its revolutionary smartbone on May 31 on Kickstarter and met its first goal in just five days. The GoBone keeps dogs active with automatic, all-day entertainment while their owner is unavailable. The GoBone can also be used as an app-controlled gaming device for owners to play with their dogs in a fun, unique way when they are together. Working toward meeting its stretch funding goal, today PulsePet announced a new charitable contribution.
ElectroPhonic’s innovative tech Electric Guitar

ElectroPhonic’s innovative tech Electric Guitar

Today, ElectroPhonic Innovations is launching their first-of-its-kind electric guitar, on Kickstarter. This is the first guitar capable of producing inspiring, dynamic electric guitar tones directly from...

Make your Hoverboard safer with HoverBars

So your kid got a hoverboard and now you are just dying to try it, or one of their siblings doesn't feel comfortable enough...

Paypal axing crowdfunding protection

Paypal is updating their list of, "not eligible for Purchase Protection," come June 25, 2016. One of the things on the chopping block -...

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