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YouTube Director by Google is a suite of video ad creation products

Whether it’s for entertainment, indulging a passion, or discovering something new, more people are turning to YouTube to watch video. In fact, growth in watch time on YouTube is up at least 50 percent year-over-year. Now, more than ever, businesses can connect with their customers through video advertising on YouTube. But they know that creating a video ad can be challenging. To make it easier for every business— from a dog walker to a barber shop owner—to get started with advertising on YouTube, they’re launching the YouTube Director suite of products. Three products that make video ads more accessible to businesses.
Pinterest management: PinPals

Pinterest management: PinPals

Sugar Coded Apps today unveils PinPals, its newest creation and first ever SAAS project. PinPals is a full featured B2B service that provides optimized Pinterest visuals, graphics, and account management solutions. Utilizing an innovative pricing strategy, the service's quality designs and Pinterest marketing tools are affordable to any size business with any size budget. It's perfect for any business, blog, website, or solopreneur interested in maximizing their Pinterest presence.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

As a business owner, when you think internet marketing, you probably immediately go to social media marketing. You probably think about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...

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