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Waze Carpool in Pilot Stage

For years, Waze has established a trusted community of drivers, with millions of Wazers helping each other beat traffic on the fastest routes. Since so many people are already using Waze to get to work, why not help a fellow commuter heading in the same direction? That’s what the Waze Carpool pilot is all about.
Best and Worst Places to be a Driver According to Waze

Best and Worst Places to be a Driver According to Waze

Waze releases its second annual Driver Satisfaction Index, which analyzes the driving experience of millions of monthly active Waze users in 38 countries and 235 metros to create a single numeric score, from satisfying (10) to miserable (1). While Waze has more than 65 million monthly active users globally in 185 countries, the study focuses on countries and metros with more than 20,000+ monthly active users to ensure data accuracy and fair market comparisons.
three must-have Waze features

three must-have Waze features

It’s back-to-school time, which for many of us means last-minute errands for supplies, after-school activities, and early AM and late PM school pickups. For others, it’s all about getting back into the swing of work as summer draws to a close. Whether you’re getting used to a new school or office route or the same one as last spring, Waze has you covered with three must-have features to get you back in the commuting game and start the school year safe and stress-free.

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