Real estate investing has long elicited a variety of emotions, running the gamut from excitement to anxiety.

When dealing with significant sums of capital, feelings of apprehension tend to creep in, especially regarding neighbourhood quality, tenant and property management issues and liquidity.

But those feelings of apprehension should be balanced by the knowledge that real estate as an asset class offers high returns in low-interest-rate environments, provides diversification from traditional stock portfolios and has the potential for long-term appreciation.

Plus, there’s another, more recent benefit to consider for investing in real estate. Technology has enabled radical changes in how and where people invest in real estate. The old adage that real estate investing is a local business no longer holds true.

Millennials, skilled professionals, overseas investors and retirees now have the ability to acquire properties, commercial developments and even homes like they acquire stocks or bonds. Remote investing makes single-family rental (SFR) investing a viable alternative investment option, and with returns that outperformed S&P 500 returns in 2015, it has emerged as a powerful wealth-building tool.

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