"The Drive" is an online magazine that published a report titled "The 10 most Influential People in Automotive Technology," yesterday, and guess who was on the list - Jony Ive and Tim Cook?

There are allot of rumors and speculation that Apple is currently working on a car, and given the evidence, I for one believe they are. However, it makes me chuckle a little to put Ive and Cook on an automotive list with the likes of CEO Elon Musk from Tesla.

According to Drive, Cook and Ive are on the list because of Apples' device integration into vehicles. The drive stated that "Ive’s work introduced words like “chamfered,” “beveled,“ and “anodized” to a general American lexicon," and that Cook, "with Apple Carplay, Apple Watch-based car apps, and rumors of EV collaborations—extends ever deeper into the car world."

Read everyone that made the list, on the full Drive report here.