Delta Air Lines has taken steps to improve the screening process with their advanced automated bin system, which they "provided" to the TSA.

Delta is schooling the TSA on screening lanes
IMAGE SOURCE: Delta Airlines

At over a million dollars, the high-tech lanes were funded by Delta and are capable of handling more passenger volume than the standard TSA lanes. And, unlike the TSA bureaucracy, the Delta Innovative Screening lines went from concept to startup in less than two months.

The new lanes allow five passengers to go through at a time, which means everything is happening in parallel - whereas the current process, everything happens in series. Effectively Delta believes that one of their new lanes will effectively be two standard lanes.

Delta's new technology lanes allow for thirty more lanes then they would have had otherwise.

Delta is schooling the TSA on screening lanes
IMAGE SOURCE: Delta Airlines

The idea of an airline funding a project like this will assist its passengers with getting through those terrible security line-ups; so hats off to Delta. However, what concerns me is airlines involving themselves too much in the "Airport" security process, prior to passengers getting on a plane.

We need to remember that Airlines are always looking at ways to increase profit in a way that suits them, and that doesn't always mean that security is at the forefront of that process. Whereas, the TSA (even though they may not do a perfect job) is weighing more on the security side of the process.

Earlier this month Delta Air Lines and CLEAR partnered to bring CLEAR's biometric service to its U.S. Diamond Medallion members free of charge and all U.S. Delta SkyMiles members will have access to preferential pricing.

"Our customers tell us their time is valuable, as is having a consistent, enjoyable airport experience with reduced hassle," said Ed Bastian, Delta's incoming CEO. "We look forward to what this partnership will bring to our customers."

CLEAR is the leading U.S. biometric identity platform that utilizes fingerprint and iris identification technology at airports and sports stadiums across the U.S.

"This partnership has the potential to revolutionize travel using our biometric approach to security screening, aircraft access and more," said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CLEAR's CEO. "Delta fully appreciates the benefits and breadth of CLEAR's secure identity platform, and they have a long-established reputation for passenger-centric innovation. The fact that they share our vision for the future of this platform, and are willing to put that vision into practice, makes this partnership very exciting."

This year, Delta and CLEAR plan to expand the process allowing registered customers to expedite the document check process at security screening checkpoints.

Seems like Delta is investing in technology in order meet the increase in passenger movement and comfort. The innovative Screening lines will have a three-week test run at Atlanta's Airport, and the biometric service later in the year.