Today, ElectroPhonic Innovations is launching their first-of-its-kind electric guitar, on Kickstarter.

This is the first guitar capable of producing inspiring, dynamic electric guitar tones directly from the guitar itself.  This is accomplished by a patented labyrinth chambering system and proprietary onboard electronics and speaker system. The Lithium-Ion powered guitars feature an all analog FET based preamp for tube-like response, coupled to a stereo Class D power amp and dual paper cone guitar speakers. The guitars also feature high-quality delay and modulation effects.

ElectroPhonic’s innovative tech Electric Guitar
ElectroPhonic Guitar (PRNewsFoto/ElectroPhonic)

CEO Joe Floyd, himself an accomplished guitar player, said, "This is the guitar that I've been dreaming about for many years.  The dynamic sound and sensual feel is truly amazing.  I created this guitar for everyone to enjoy."

The guitars are beautifully crafted, with gorgeous contours and finishes.  The company's first guitar— "Model One"— is being offered in several variations. These guitars are all solid hardwood construction, with the playing feel of a classic electric guitar. The 2016 Kickstarter collection also includes limited edition tribute guitars for military, police, and fire first responders.

The company's debut has been much anticipated, as they've been building a serious social following.  They also had a Guitar Giveaway, giving three guitars to lucky fans that signed up.