Sharing 360-Degree Photo’s on Facebook with ALLie Camera

People on Facebook can make their photos more immersive and interactive through the ALLie Camera

Alongside Facebook's news that it has launched 360-degree photos, the new ALLie Camera is announcing that it is fully integrated with Facebook to allow its users the capability to take, share and interact with 360-degree photos.

The new feature will allow ALLie Camera users complete control in sharing life's memorable moments with the only camera that's always on, capturing every inch of the room.

The ALLie Camera is the world's first 360-degree everyday use camera with 24/7 viewing, recording, live streaming, still-capturing, social sharing and virtual reality (VR) viewing capabilities – allowing users to see it all, all the time, no matter where they are. It doesn't require batteries and can be mounted on walls and ceilings or stand on most surfaces.

"Now through this new integration with Facebook, people on Facebook can take and share photos in the most exciting way possible, save memorable moments forever, and even imagine themselves in the environment through VR."

Unlike any other 360-degree cameras, ALLie is the only camera that gives you the ability to record video all the time, providing the ultimate flexibility for users to go back and find special moments they may have missed (like baby's first steps, or a pet's crazy antics) and to keep and treasure them forever. With the new Facebook 360-degree photos integration, ALLie Camera also becomes an ideal platform for capturing special events in perfect 4K resolution, like concerts, parties, birthdays, weddings, graduations, sports games, and much more. And, like their video counterparts, the 360-degree photos will also be viewable from ALLie's VR headset for a fully immersive experience. Users can now rest assured that they will never miss one of life’s most precious moments, and they can share those moments with their family and friends so they too can experience it in the most immersive way possible.

Sharing 360-degree photos taken on your ALLie camera is a simple, intuitive process. Users will simply click "snapshot" from the main screen, click "share" to Facebook from their gallery screen, and even write an optional caption. Your Facebook friends can then interact with the photo by dragging their finger around the screen or holding their phone at a different angle right from within Facebook's News Feed.

"We've had so many users tell us about how the ALLie camera is helping them capture special moments with family and friends in a way never before possible," said Dmitry Kozko, President of ALLie.

The ALLie app is available on iOS via the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android devices.

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  1. Cool! 360 degree cameras a great to watch by moving the cursors. It gives a great feeling of your heads turning up and down adjusting the proper view.

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