The iconic FURBY brand from Hasbro, introduces a new furry friend this fall: the digitally-integrated FURBY CONNECT creature, an interactive companion full of personality that uses Bluetooth technology to connect with kids through entertaining video clips, catchy songs, phrases, global events, and more.

“Every time we evolve the FURBY brand, we want to introduce kids to a new way to play,” said Kenny Davis, Senior Director, Global Marketing, Hasbro. “And kids and FURBY fans alike told us they wanted a creature they could interact with in more ways, so we have created the technology infrastructure for FURBY CONNECT with that in mind. With FURBY CONNECT, kids can develop a relationship with their FURBY while laughing at videos and singing songs together even if they don’t quite know the words – like they would with any other friend.”

Hasbro FURBY is coming with all new techThe FURBY CONNECT creature reacts intuitively to sound and touch, speaking more than 1,000 phrases and further expressing its moods through more than a hundred unique, colorful animations displayed in its full color LCD screen eyes. Enhanced movements appear more natural than before, and multiple sensors throughout its body allow it to respond to touch in fun and surprising ways. The FURBY CONNECT creature even knows the date and time so it can delight owners with fun surprises like asking for breakfast or a late-night snack.

The new, FURBY CONNECT World app offers an immersive virtual world designed to enhance the FURBY CONNECT fun by delivering new content via Bluetooth®, allowing users to frequently engage in fresh entertainment content. In the app, owners can also care for their FURBY friend, raise virtual FURBLINGS, play games together, and discover entertaining video clips in the FURBLING theatre.

“FURBY CONNECT has been enhanced with technology that’s new to the toy industry,” said Jim Silver, CEO and editor-in-chief of, a leading product review site for toys, tots, pets and more. “Through a wireless connection that refreshes FURBY CONNECT with new content, kids will be getting a new play experience with updates, enhancing play value and keeping the fun going.”

A colorful, bright LED in FURBY CONNECT’S antenna lights up to signal new content has arrived in the app’s theatre. The FURBY CONNECT creature directs a child to the new content and, like a friend, reacts with its own hilarious take on what’s happening on screen. The FURBY CONNECT toy strives to offer the best value by providing a play experience that continuously refreshes and encourages kids to keep connecting.

To make this new play pattern possible, Hasbro is teaming up with leading names in the entertainment space including KIDZ BOP and Jukin Media, to curate music and videos to regularly update FURBY CONNECT creatures with kid-friendly content.

Each FURBY CONNECT creature comes with a new sleep mask accessory to be placed on the FURBY CONNECT creature when its time to let FURBY rest after a long day of play.

FURBY CONNECT, for ages 6 years and up is available exclusively on pre-order today at in pink or teal, and at retailers nationwide beginning Fall 2016 in three additional vibrant colors. The FURBY CONNECT World app will be available for download beginning July 7th at the Amazon Appstore, App Store, and Google Play and will be compatible with specific Fire tablets, iOS, and Android devices. Check for more information on compatibility.

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