Apple is reporting that services for some iCloud Mail and Notes accounts may be down.

Apple systems status site is indicating that "Multiple iCloud Services - 0.86% of users are affected. Users may be unable to send or receive mail and may also be unable to use Notes."

It looks like this began shortly after 08:00EST and is only affecting a small percentage of users. However, when your as big as Apple, 0.86% adds up, and people are taking to Twitter and other social media sites:

Mrs. Trellis ‏- @MrsTrellis
"Hey @AppleSupport any chance of accessing my emails any time today? At all? Perhaps?"

Josh Lassen ‏- @joshlassen
"iCloud mail has been down for 2 hours now, and I have emails I REALLY need to read"

John Hood - ‏@johnhood
"Hey @AppleSupport, iCloud has been down most of the afternoon. Can't access email..."

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