So you think that touchscreens are cool? If Samsung has its way, you'll be dialling a number on your hand.

Samsung has a Patent application for a wearable device that would be in one example, able to project a virtual User Interface (UI) onto your hand from a smart watch. The patent claims the device would have a camera that would be configured to capture images on the shape of your wrist and then integrate that image into the smart watch. The user would then press a key on the virtual keypad screen that would project onto a user's hand, and detect the motion and placement of your fingers on that UI. The Patent also claims that it may not be limited to just projecting a UI onto your hand, but may also project it onto a wall.

Below is a flowchart that illustrates how you would control the wearable device.

Is Samsung creating a virtual UI for wearables
IMAGE SOURCE| Patent #: US20160127624

The device may also be made of a flexible material such as silicone, and that it may be a variety of different devices, such as "a watch, clothes, shoes, gloves, glasses, a hat, accessories (e.g., a ring), a head mounted display."

The application was filed June 4, 2015, so who knows how far along they have progressed by now. Although, many Patents get submitted and never see the light of day.

Have a read through the patent here.


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