Feingeist Software GmbH has released a new update to MailButler, its productivity boosting add-on for Apple Mail. The new version, MailButler 5349, along with its ten known features now includes a new feature Direct Inbox. Through MailButler Direct Inbox users can easily and quickly access their inboxes. A simple click on the MailButler icon in the upper menu bar will open a panel, which displays the last incoming emails for each of the user's email accounts. These emails can be processed directly in the panel using one of the following options:

  • Delete
  • Mark as Spam
  • Reply
  • Reply to All
  • Forward
  • Mark as Read/Unread
  • Mark with a Flag
  • Create a Note

MailButler is a personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail. With its various functions, it simplifies, optimizes and streamlines working with emails in one's daily life. MailButler already offers such features as:

  • Email Tracking: allows you to know if the recipient has actually opened your email
  • Email Scheduling: lets you schedule your emails to be sent at a specific date and time in the future
  • Emails To Notes: allows you to easily convert your emails into notes
  • Upload to Cloud: allows you to effortlessly send attachments independent of their size

The developers at Feingeist Software promise that more new features are planned and will be added to MailButler in future.

Download the software here.


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