Developed closely with Apple, Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar plugs into the Lightning connector making it possible to use Lightning Audio headphones or the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter and charge your iPhone at the same time.

“We’re excited to offer the Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar to our customers, extending our family of RockStar multi-port products and creating an easy way for people to charge and listen on the go,” says Steve Malony, VP, GM Belkin.

The Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar offers dual functionality for charging and listening. Whether you want to charge in the car, on the go, or at home, the Belkin adapter makes it possible to listen to Lightning Audio and power your iPhone, simultaneously.

The adapter is designed to work with the full ecosystem of Lightning Audio headphones and there’s no need to remove your phone case while using it.

Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar

  • Dual functionality so you can listen to Lightning Audio and charge at the same time
  • Compatible with Lightning Audio headphones† and Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter
  • Supports pass-through charging up to 12W for iPhone and iPad
  • Supports up to 48 kHz, 24-bit audio output
  • Works with the Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case and battery packs for on the go charging


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Audeze EL-8 Titanium Headphones, its first with a fully integrated Apple Lightning cable with a built-in headphone amplifier and high-resolution 24-bit DAC.

The EL-8 Titanium headphones provide users with true high resolution uncompromised audio -- not just for music playback, but for voice calls as well.

The special model headphones utilize Audeze's award-winning planar magnetic technology, boasting a driver that is 4x larger than most others, giving dramatic bass response, low distortion, and a clear and open presentation. Keeping with the acclaimed Audeze aesthetic, the EL-8 Titanium headphones were designed by BMW DesignWorksUSA and feature an aluminum construction for lifelong pride of ownership.

The EL-8 Titanium headphones come with an exclusive Lightning cable that streams a complete 24-bit digital signal through a high quality DSP and DAC to offer better sound quality. The built in microphone can be used for phone calls and Siri voice control. An accompanying Audeze app can be used to apply EQ and sound presets.

For non-Apple device compatibility, the headphones also include a standard analog cable.


  • I'm no audiophile. I buy headphones for use while traveling. My preference for headphones has evolved over the years. I started with Bose active noise-cancelling headphones, but didn't like the feeling of pressure that the active noise cancellation caused. I switched to Shure and Klipsch in-ear headphones that provided good passive noise suppression and good sound, but were sometimes finicky and hard to keep well seated in my ears during long flights. Now, I prefer over-ear headhones that provide not only passive noise suppression, but also the best sound and comfort. I recently began using Oppo PM-3 headphones, which I really enjoy. I chose them because I've always been fascinated by planar magnetic speakers and had to hear for myself whether the technology could be used successfully in a headhone. The sound quality of the PM-3s is better than that of any of the headphones I had used before. However, I recently switched to a headphone-jackless iPhone 7 Plus and was intrigued by Audeze's EL-8 Titanium and Cipher Lightning cable with in-line DAC, so I took the plunge. Although the EL-8 Titaniums are relatively large and heavy, they're actually very comfortable. They fit over my ears with much more room than the PM-3s. Soundwise, the EL-8 Titaniums are terrific, offering ever so slightly more clarity than the PM-3s. They're so good that I'm actually looking forward to my next long flight. I only wish that they came with a protective case.
  • Incredible Headphones. They look beautiful and sound amazing. I mean Audeze makes beautiful looking headphones in their LCD models. But theses are unlike any other style of headphones that are currently out right now. The build quality is impeccable and even though the ear cups are massive they have a sleek and surprisingly low profile. They have a perfectly balance clamp force on your head and the large lamb leather ear pads are plush and soft. If you have never heard Planar Magnetic headphones before or even if you have are on a different level. In my opinion only there bigger more expensive LCD brothers compare to the soundstage and quality of the EL-8s and not by much. Well maybe the LCD-3 & 4 are on a different level but these are still playing on the same field. To me these have the best sound quality of any portable headphones whether closed back or open in this price range by far. With that said they are a little overpriced. But you already you that when buying any Audeze product. And yes I did say portable. In my opinion the EL-8s are just an updated portable version of the LCD-2's with a fraction less low end in the bass. However just as Audeze's other headphones they shine even better when hooked up to a DAC or AMP for at home listening. They are not bass head headphones but the bass is there, tight, low and real. Plain and simple these are just some impeccable headphones. Know matter what version of the EL-8s you get.

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Tile, the smart location company with the world's largest lost-and-found network, today announced major moves in the consumer and enterprise markets. The company unveiled its newest consumer product -- Tile Slim. Available today, Tile Slim is the world's thinnest Bluetooth tracker designed specifically for wallets. The company also introduced today the Tile Smart Location Platform, a B2B offering that allows companies to embed Tile's smart location technology into their own Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled products, thereby helping their customers find lost items.

"The introduction of Tile Slim and our first-ever platform are significant steps toward achieving our mission to give everything the power of smart location," said Mike Farley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Tile. "We want to get smart location into everyone's hands, no matter what products they use."

The company's newest product, Tile Slim, is purpose-built for wallets, purses, passports, laptops, tablets, and other thin products. Just like Tile Original, Tile Slim allows users to ring their Tile to locate a misplaced item, find their phone even when it is in silent mode, and view the last known location of their item on a map. If customers are unable to find an item at the last place it was seen, they can tap into Tile's community, the world's largest lost-and-found network, to help them find their lost or stolen item almost anywhere in the world. In addition, Tile Slim comes equipped with four ringtones to choose from, making Tile Slim the ultimate wallet tracker. The thin form factor is also perfect for sticking Tile Slim onto the surface of a laptop or tablet. Custom adhesive can be purchased from the Tile website to ensure Tile Slim stays where it belongs.

Tile Slim retails for $30 each, or $100 for a 4-pack, and is available online today from Tile. It will be sold in retailers nationwide including Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Sprint, T-Mobile, Target and Verizon beginning on Friday, September 2nd. Customers will have immediate access to Tile's recently updated app with a brand new look.

Tile's first-ever B2B offering provides businesses with a differentiated and compelling value proposition to their customers: making their products locatable through Tile's award-winning mobile app and proprietary network. The Tile Smart Location Platform enables product developers and manufacturers to embed Tile's smart location technology directly into their own products.

The platform offers access to Tile's entire technology stack, mobile app and network, which reaches over 200 countries and territories. The company's first partners include:

  • EcoReco -- the first connected and findable electric scooter will integrate Tile's smart location technology into their new Model R EV scooters.
  • Nomad -- an innovative smartphone and smartwatch accessories maker will launch PowerPack, a portable battery pack integrated with Tile's smart location technology, this fall.
  • Zillion -- the ultimate smart wallet with built-in powerbank and cable adds smart location technology by Tile.

"The Tile community has powerful network effects. As more people use Tile, our service gets better and better, helping more people find more things faster," said Farley. "Opening our platform to allow other companies to embed Tile's smart location technology into their products will expand our network quickly, which creates value for all of our partners and consumers by finding items even faster."


  • These are fantastic. I bought the TrackR originally, but they were nowhere near a replacement for the Tile. The new size of the Tile Slim is perfect for a wallet and the new Minis are just as-expected.
  • Tile has come a long way in the last year. The alarms are much louder and the app is constantly being updated. You should know that these tiles only last about a year and you do have to replace them at a reduced price (about $20 each). Give them a monthly test after a year because they probably last longer.Mine were still working but I wanted the new slim tile for my wallet. It's simple to update. I'm embarrassed to say that about 6 months ago I scoured the house for my wallet. The tile said that I was close but I couldn't seem to find it. The only bad thing is that if you are right neat your wallet it will just tell you that you are close and you have to find it. I can't hear that well and was going crazy. My wife was walking through the attached garage and heard something in our trash can! Thank God for Tile!! And as I said earlier, the tones are much louder now. My only other tip is that I would buy these directly from tile and not trust a knockoff. These are very sophisticated and I wouldn't trust anybody else. For the few bucks that you save it certainly isn't worth the risk seeing as though you are trying to keep track of something very valuable!
  • I bought these for my husband because he's always losing his keys and money clip. I was worried the slim wouldn't work with a money clip, but he only carries a few other cards with him and says it fits right in. It has come in handy dozens of times in the couple months since he got it for Christmas. It's also been handy to help him find his phone just about as many times as his keys or money clip. You just hit the button on the tile a couple times to get the phone to ring. Works very well. He loves it.

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Key is an ultra portable charging cable. Keep it on your key-chain and always have a backup Lightning cable. Designed as for emergency's or for the minimalist traveler.

    • Fast charge and sync
    • Flexible middle section
    • Apple MFi approved

Compatible with most Lightning-enabled Apple devices, including iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus and iPad with Retina, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini 2.

24 AWG cable with copper jacket offers a durable design.

Charge-and-sync capability makes it easy to keep your devices up to date when connected to a computer.

Attaches to your keychain so you can easily keep a charging cable with you while on the go.


  • I previously owned the original NomadKey. The original lasted maybe a month before it gave out. I was hesitant on buying a another one so I waited some time, as well as reading other reviews. Upon arrival of the new one, I immediately noticed a difference. The key is thicker, the USB portion is now fully 'covered' and the key loop is thicker than the original. Although the key is slightly thicker and longer, this came as a relief because I felt as though it would stand up to the test of time. Since, I have rigorously tested the NomadKey with great success for the past month. I use the key daily and it stays attached to my keychain.Although the current NomadKey is exactly what I hoped for, it is unfortunate that it took them awhile, as well as a good chunk of my money, to get this right.
  • Had this product for almost a month now and am very impressed by how flexible it is. I have attached it to multiple batteries to charge my iPad and IPhone and I love the convenience of it always being there when I need it. I attach it to my keys and just take it wherever I go. It was def smaller than I thought it was going to be (like literally the size an actual key hence its name) but it performs so well it doesn't affect my rating. Pretty sure I'll be eventually getting a micro USB one to match it and other products from Nomad cause their products are so well made. And the 2 year warranty if anything happens to it is such a comfort. Hopefully I never have to use it. Thank you Nomad for such a great product.
  • My girlfriend is notorious for having her phone running out of battery before the day is over. I've gotten her portable batteries before as a gift to help solve this issue. Except her portable battery is always out of battery or she forgets to bring it (surprise, surprise).
    While the NomadKey can't actually charge your Apple device, it's usually never an issue because it's not hard to find a USB power source. For me, the best feature of this product is that it's very easy to always have it with you. The overall build quality is good on the updated versions.
    I also liked the simple packaging it came in, no infuriating sealed plastic case to wrestle open.
    The only slight complaint I can think of is that the amount you can twist or bend the connector is very limited.

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Aesthetically Pleasing
Vena Harmony is designed with a high-quality metallic-finished polycarbonate (PC) frame and transparent polycarbonate (PC) back combined with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to create a balanced and harmonious look.

Slim Dual-Layer Defense 
The slim dual-layer design of Vena Harmony features polycarbonate (PC) frame and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) core providing your phone mild to moderate drop and scratch protection, perfect for everyday use.

CornerGuard Technology 
The high-quality shock absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) does not stretch out over time. With CornerGuard technology and unique pattern, Vena Harmony protects your Apple iPhone 7 and disperses the force from shock and impact through the TPU case.

Precised Craftsmanship, Detailed Design 
Vena Harmony is designed with precision cut-outs to suit the Apple iPhone 7 and provides effortless access to all ports, buttons, and features. The beveled power and volume buttons are crafted to maintain the same great tactile feedback from your phone's buttons.

Raised Protection 
Raised bezel keeps the screen and camera above the surface when placed face down, keeping the screen and camera clean and scratch-free.


  • Great case, easy on and off and love that it is only clear on top, I have a magnet that I put in my case to stick to a mount in my car, so I wanted to show off the pretty rose gold color of my new iphone 7, but thought I couldn't do it, then I found this case and voila! Covers the bottom half and lets me see the pretty color too. Also, very sturdy, feel confident that it is protected too!!
  • Great case, easy on and off and love that it is only clear on top, I have a magnet that I put in my case to stick to a mount in my car, so I wanted to show off the pretty rose gold color of my new iphone 7, but thought I couldn't do it, then I found this case and voila! Covers the bottom half and lets me see the pretty color too. Also, very sturdy, feel confident that it is protected too!!
  • Excellent minimalist protective case. One one very little thing I don't like. The case is two parts - a rubberized inner portion and a harder plastic outer part. The plastic outer part is just a tad bit loose on the rubberized part. Maybe that's actually for drop protection, not sure. It's a nit picking issue though. It's still a great stylish case.
  • It doesnt take away the nice jetblack sense color on my iphone 7+, and thats what i was looking for.. bought 4 cases and this one did the job.

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AirPods introduce an effortless wireless listening experience packed with high-quality audio and long battery life. These magical wireless headphones use advanced technology to reinvent how we listen to music, make phone calls, enjoy TV shows and movies, play games and interact with Siri, providing a wireless audio experience not possible before.With AirPods, setting up and using wireless headphones has never been easier. Just open the charging case near your iPhone and with a simple tap, AirPods are immediately set up with all the devices signed into your iCloud account, including your Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Advanced sensors detect when AirPods are in your ear and can automatically play and pause your music. Double tapping on AirPods activates Siri, allowing you to access your favorite personal assistant to select and control your music, get directions, make and receive calls or perform any other Siri task.
This revolutionary experience is enabled by the new ultra-low power Apple W1 chip, which enables AirPods to deliver high-quality audio and industry-leading battery life in a completely wireless design. AirPods deliver up to five hours of listening time on one charge while the custom-designed charging case holds additional charges for an industry-leading total of more than 24 hours of listening time, ensuring AirPods are charged and ready to go whenever you are.


  • These are excellent earbuds. If you like in-ear buds that you actually shove in your ear to create a noise-isolating seal then these should not be your first choice; however, if you like Bose's IE models or Apple's normal EarPods then these are absolutely worth a shot. First and foremost the sound on these are pretty darn good - a bit less refined than Bose, but quite a bit better than Apple's normal EarPods. You aren't going to get a huge dynamic response from these types of earphones, but for casual listening they are enjoyable. The treble, mids, and bass are all well balanced and most musical details can be heard. Since these simply sit in your ears they don't block out noise, so don't get these for that purpose. The fit is amazing for my ears, but I would recommend trying someone else's before you take the leap, as I've read that they fall out of some ears (rule of thumb: if normal EarPods fit, these will too).
    The real reason these are winners (let's be honest, you can get better sounding earphones for a fraction of the price) is their complete lack of cord and ease of use with Apple devices. You take these out of the box, open up the little floss-like case, and confirm pairing with your iPhone/iPad/Mac (it does this automatically) - that's it, they are paired with all of your Apple devices using the same Apple ID - so simple your grandparents will understand how to pair them. The complete wireless freedom is awesome (i.e. no cord connecting them like so many other bluetooth earbuds). The main reason I bought these were to wear while falling asleep so I can listen to music without disturbing my wife and having the flexibility to listen on my back, side, stomach, etc. without worrying about tangling in a cord. They are comfortable even when one of them is wedged between my ear and pillow - very comfy! When I am done listening it is so simple - take them out and they automatically pause the music. The battery life is amazing for the size - 5 hours on a single charge and then the case can charge them up to 5 additional times before you have to recharge the case. Keep in mind that you also get 3 hours of listening on a 15 minute charge, so even if they die in the middle of your favorite album you will be up and running with minimal downtime.
    Some people think these are silly or they simply don't like Apple products and that is totally fine, these aren't for everybody. If you are on the fence and are open to paying a 'premium' for new, quality tech, then I highly recommend taking the leap.
    Happy listening!
  • APPLE always outdoes themselves.
    From the click-wheel on the iPod to the touch-screen iPhone, Apple always proves to be the innovation and design king of the tech-industry.
    To anyone considering purchasing the AirPods, you will NOT be let down. An excellent product. One of Apple's hallmarks is ease of use. This definitely tops it. Great sound quality with very distinguishable sounds. (Better than EarPods). Within two minutes of use I forgot they were in my ears!
    Steve Jobs is smiling from above. Great job, Apple. This is the legacy that Jobs would approve of.

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Cables for all your daily charging needs

Native Union charging cables solve everyday frustrations. From forgetting your cable, running out of battery on-the-go, or straining to use your device while it's charging, their cables meet the demands of your individual lifestyle.

Native Union offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty for all of their Ultra Strength charging cables, so you can rest assured that your cable will stand the test of time and normal use.


  • It's obvious that this manufacturer is using a heavier or better quality wire by the fact that I notice a considerably faster carge time (larger bus = less internal resistance = faster charging). I buy a lot of cables for myself, my wife and five kids ... this product "feels" sturdier than anything that I have purchased before. And the knot, keeps the connection off of the floor of the bedroom, of the kitchen, of the jeep. Very much worth the price paid.
  • I wanted a sturdy 10 foot cable to charge my iPad. I have tried other brands in the past and had been disappointed. This one is, so far, perfect. This cord is substantial. It has a great feel to it and is weighty enough to lay flat on the floor, and the sliding knot works perfectly to hold the cord wherever it is convenient on your working surface. I purchased a small velcro strap to use to secure it when it is "folded" it up when it is not in use. Only time using it will tell if it is as sturdy as it appears, but I would definitely recommend it over any of its competition.
  • Recently bought 2 of these cables, a red and blue versions. In our house, we have a common area that has a charging station to charge all products. We also leave one cable free for people to charge their devices. Over time, the last cable, which was not a Native Union cable developed a kink in the neck, near the lightning end. So, far, these new Native Union cables have been working very well. The Kevlar reinforced material seems to be holding up very well, given that so many people are using the cable all the time in this common area.

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