Organize your iPhone photos with The Roll

EyeEm a German startup, today released an app called The Roll. The app assigns a score to the photos on your camera, and then shows which of your photos rated the highest. It does this by using machine learning technology and syncing with EyeEm' servers. However, according to Eyem co-founder Lorenz Aschoff, it does not store your photos.

Organize your iPhone photos with The RollIn addition to scoring your photos, the app also groups, tags, and organizes them; I tried it, and it does work.

This is all possible because of something they call, 'EyeEm Vision.' Which sounds like something out of a seventies movie, however, in reality, they are using image recognition technology - but on steroids.

The scoring for the app works by taking all the duplicate photos that you have on your phone and then adds an aesthetic score to the best one.

The Roll's primary purpose in life is to make your library less cluttered, which in turn reduces the amount of time that your searching through hundreds of photos, when you are trying to find, just the right one, to post on Instagram.

Here is a link to the app on iTunes.