Digital Trends is reporting that Apple might be announcing Apple Pay support to the Web on Mondays upcoming keynote - this will allow payments for e-commerce websites.

One thing that is still unclear is whether or not Apple Pay for the Web will be available on iOS devices without the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Although, there are rumours of a new MacBook with Touch ID slated to be announced at WWDC 2016. 

“In other words, you’ll soon be able to pay for anything online with the touch of a finger” - Digital Trends.

Apple pay support for the Web would give PayPal some tough competition considering that it would be integrated into the Apple eco-system - allowing millions of users to have access instantaneously without having to deal with third-party apps.

PayPal has a similar mobile service to Apple Pay called One Touch, however according to Digital Trend sources, “Apple Pay will be much quicker and easier to use on iOS devices, our source tells us."

I guess we will see how this plays out, considering Apple Pays’ backend is currently handled by Braintree which is owned by PayPal.

We’ll continue to update this story as it develops.

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