As a business owner, when you think internet marketing, you probably immediately go to social media marketing. You probably think about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Although there are many other internet marketing platforms such as blogs, YouTube, Guestpost, and Websites, as an entrepreneur, it pays to focus your effort on the internet marketing avenues that holds as many of your potential customers as you can find. Fortunately, nowadays, that means most of the common social media platforms.

Today, Facebook alone has well over 1.6 billion active users, many of who log in daily. Twitter has over 320 million active users while LinkedIn has about 100 million users. Pinterest, although not often looked at as a powerhouse as far as the social aspect is concerned, commands an impressive 100 million active users. Yes, it can be argued that many of the people on these platforms are not exclusively online shoppers. However, that does not mean that you cannot use them to get the word out there about your brand.

The old marketing ways are dying

Before you turn your head and say that your business has been doing fine for years without using internet marketing through social media, think of all the possibilities you will create by adding it on as part of your marketing strategy. Even though your traditional marketing methods have kept you afloat for all these years, the tides are turning.

A majority of people who spend money online today are millennials. These are individuals who are just now reaching their thirties. This means that a majority of them are just coming into money and are starting to spend it. Do you know where millennials go to get information on what to buy? Online!

Social Media as a Marketing Tool Sixty-One percent of millennials turn to their preferred social media platforms when they cannot decide where to go out for dinner or an evening out with friends. It is estimated that nowadays, Seventy-eight percent of small businesses get at least one in every four of their new customers, from social media platforms.

Social platforms are here to stay, and every savvy business owner should start seriously thinking up ways through which he or she can implement it into their internet marketing strategy. The advantages of doing so are numerous.

Brand Recognition

Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung are all brands that people are familiar with today. When it comes to sales, each of these brands is performing well. Why? Because they create great products and most importantly, they made themselves household names. Brand recognition plays a huge role in getting you new as well as repeat customers.

One of the best ways to do that as a small business owner is to leverage your brand content on social media. This does not mean spamming people or haphazardly posting content that is of no value. It means coming up with useful information that your current and potential clients will appreciate. It also means doing so at the most opportune of moments.

  • On Facebook, for example, the best times to post brand related content is on Thursdays and Fridays. This is when it will get an eighty-six percent engagement. This is because most employees are spending a lot more time on social media as the week winds downs. Take advantage of their lunch hours and late afternoons.
  • On Twitter, the best days to post are between Wednesday and Friday around lunchtime and from five on.
  • On LinkedIn, the best times to share your content is between Tuesday and Thursday and you should do so in the morning hours between seven and eight, mid-mornings between ten and eleven as well as evenings.

The more people interact with your brand content online, the more they will become familiar with your business and the more likely for them to spend money on it. Additionally, it improves brand loyalty as most people want to be associated with a trending brand name.

It increases your conversion rate

Small businesses that include social media marketing as part of their strategy to convert more sales do so at a higher rate than those that do not. The main reason for this is that social media platforms allow businesses to behave as people do; when you show images of your team and products as well as engage in conversation with clients and potential clients on the various platform, you stop being just another faceless corporation. People would much rather do business with other people than with corporations.

Additionally, studies show that the bigger your following on social media, the higher your trust and credibility among buyers. This is social proof that many more people have trusted you with their money and haven't been disappointed. Group mentality works wonders here, and it will work perfectly for your bottom-line.

It cuts down your marketing cost

Let's face it, advertising on Primetime television will cost a huge chunk of your advertising budget; so will print and other forms of marketing. However, with social media, the costs of marketing your business to millions and millions of potential customers is cut down astronomically. Studies show that imputing just six hours into your social media marketing strategy is enough to start gaining you traffic. Of course, there are also paid advertising opportunities that will improve your reach at a cost. Although, most of these packages are not as expensive as you may think. However, this totally depends on your goals. The point is, for this kind of reach, the costs associated are astonishingly low. Especially because you have a better conversion with social media than with other forms of marketing.

Add to all this the fact that social media marketing will improve your search engine rankings, dramatically increase your inbound traffic, give you higher brand authority, presents better opportunities to convert customers and you have the perfect marketing platform for your small business.

All it will take from you is a little time and a money depending on the kind of internet marketing targets you have. Additionally, using social media as a platform for marketing your small business could be an enjoyable experience. It is the perfect win-win scenario for the savvy small business owner.