Still prefer paper to a tablet: then Moleskine+ might be your middle ground

The Moleskine+ collection is an ecosystem of digitally enhanced objects and apps; that gathers everything that Moleskine has done over the last few years.

"The very idea of an analog/digital divide is passé"

Peter Jensen, Head of Digital Innovation at Moleskine, went on to say that, "in our everyday life we do not make a distinction; we continuously switch from analog to digital.

Moelskin+ Smart Writing Set

This is why we have been experimenting for years in the field of bridging the two. The Smart Writing Set is the latest step in this direction, part of the new Moleskine+ collection".

With the Smart Writing Set, you can create digital text and images and then shared with your digital products, like your tablet or smartphone.

It's made up of three objects; the Paper Tablet, which feels like a notebook, and the Pen+, a slim, aluminum pen with a camera that traces and digitizes everything you write. You can store edit and share your notes on the free Moleskins Notes App for iOS users, and Neo Notes for Android.

Moelskin+ Smart Writing Set

The Tablet uses invisible NCode™ technology by NeoLab Convergence, which is embedded within each page, allowing the Moleskine Pen+ to transfer all your freehand notes from page to screen in real-time.

The bottom line is that it is not cheap at $199, but I like that it has onboard memory, infrared camera and takes standard ink refills.