New research from Strategy Analytics' AppOptix Telemetry Intelligence Platform reveals that females experience higher battery drain than males on regular use across all price tiers.

The study analyzed over 250 different models across the price spectrum, covering entry devices (<$300), mid-range ($301-450), and premium devices ($450+) across the AppOptix panel in the US during the January - March 2016 period.

Additional findings from the study include:

  • Premium devices charge the fastest in the study, requiring an average of 3.6 hours for a complete charge (0 to 100%).
  • Only entry-tier device owners realize a full day's worth of charge (when the device is charged to 100%). On regular use, both premium and Mid-tier device owners will have completely drained out the device battery in less than a day.
Battery Drain and Charge Time by Price-Tier: By Gender (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)
Battery Drain and Charge Time by Price-Tier: By Gender (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)

Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said:  "Battery is among the top considerations in user experience, and it's important that OEMs pay close attention to the user behavior. Our research shows, in comparison to Entry devices, Premium devices realize increased activity - 2X more data traffic and 134% more time on social apps among others, and these factors weigh in on the battery drain."

Five other things that drain battery life:

  1. Having your WIFI allways on
  2. Screen brightness set to high
  3. Having location Services always on
  4. Vibration setting on phone
  5. Temperature (keep your phone away from direct heat)