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Bumble is putting a new spin on dating

Bumble is putting a new spin on dating apps

Bumble is a social discovery app with a unique twist: encouraging women to make the first move. Using a modern day Sadie Hawkins concept, Bumble creates a selective and meaningful environment for connecting with and discovering new people.
Use Dropbox when your developing your app

Use Dropbox when you’re developing your app

If you’re a freelance developer, you probably know that building the next big thing takes time, testing, and many tries. And while organizing your work internally is one challenge, getting feedback from clients is a whole other ballgame. That’s where Dropbox Pro steps in. Getting organized with Dropbox makes collaborating with others a breeze so you can focus on building something amazing. Whether you’re getting assets from a designer, sending a build to a client for review, or shooting specs to a colleague for her input, everyone can stay up to speed with Dropbox.

Dating: Ghostbot is an app that’ll break things off for you

Rejecting unwanted suitors over text is an awkward challenge for a generation of online daters. So why not outsource the thorny interaction to a robot?
Pinterest management: PinPals

Pinterest management: PinPals

Sugar Coded Apps today unveils PinPals, its newest creation and first ever SAAS project. PinPals is a full featured B2B service that provides optimized Pinterest visuals, graphics, and account management solutions. Utilizing an innovative pricing strategy, the service's quality designs and Pinterest marketing tools are affordable to any size business with any size budget. It's perfect for any business, blog, website, or solopreneur interested in maximizing their Pinterest presence.
Records 1.2 for Mac

Records 1.2 for Mac

Records Team today announce the release of Records 1.2 for Mac, a major update to their popular and easy to use personal database application...
Two apps that you shouldn’t be without

Two apps that you shouldn’t be without

Dark Sky This is probably the best app to ever exist. (Possible exception: Citymapper). It’s the ultimate weather app and has never let me down....

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