The web is Doomed.

Today the average webpage is about the same size, data-wise, as the classic computer game Doom, according to software engineer Ronan Cremin.

A compressed copy of the installer for the shareware version of Doom takes up about 2.39MB of space. Today’s average webpage, meanwhile, requires users to download about 2.3MB worth of data, according to HTTP Archive, a site that tracks website performance and the technologies they use.

That’s not totally analogous comparison, but it does illustrate the web’s growing obesity problem. “Recall that Doom is a multi-level first person shooter that ships with an advanced 3D rendering engine and multiple levels, each comprised of maps, sprites, and sound effects,” Cremin writes on MobiForge, a site for mobile web developers. “By comparison, 2016’s web struggles to deliver a page of web content in…

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