iFetch; your dog will love it!


The iFetch and the iFetch Too are automatic ball launchers that provide dogs of all sizes the ability to play fetch to their heart’s content.

The award-winning, family-owned company launched the iFetch from a highly successful Kickstarter program in 2013 and quickly gained international traction, media and sales. In 2015, iFetch Too launched with Kickstarter support as a foundation. All three products provide hours of fun and activity for dogs and their people. To learn more about iFetch visit www.goifetch.com.

High-Energy, Portable and Fun

The iFetch Frenzy works best indoors, or can be used outdoors on a flat surface. It comes with built-in storage on the bottom to hold three miniature iFetch tennis balls, measuring 1.5” diameter.

The iFetch Frenzy has a hole on the top where the ball is inserted. The ball then rolls out one of three chutes around the base of the Frenzy, keeping the dog guessing each time. The game is fast paced, energetic and fun.

Similar to the other two products in the iFetch family of products, the iFetch Frenzy is a great way for dogs to interact and play alongside their parents, and many dogs will learn to interact and play with the iFetch Frenzy on their own. Some customers have reported that it takes about 20 minutes to train their dog to use the other iFetch products solo, which have the same general idea of dropping the ball in the hole and awaiting the ball’s release. Dogs who know how to use the iFetch and iFetch Too should catch on quickly to using the iFetch Frenzy. The iFetch website features a few short training videos for training tips and tricks on how to use the iFetch products.

“Dog training is a slow process that takes patience and understanding—from both of you,” says Nicole Ellis, iFetch Dog Trainer. “Commands start simple, you build toward more complicated actions, and all along you’re spending time with your dog and strengthening your partnership. You’ll discover that this affects your whole life together.”

iFetch (Small) Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs- Launches Mini Tennis Balls

iFetch (Small) Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs- Launches Mini Tennis Balls


7.2 /10


9.7 /10


  • Comes with a wall plug
  • Inaudible tone just before the ball launches so the dog can anticipate the launch


  • Only includes 3 balls
  • Expensive replacements balls