Take better pictures faster with the, Moment iPhone case

The Moment Case is the first iPhone 6 case that was indeed created for mobile photographers. Designed from the ground up, they wanted a case that delivered four things that have been missing in mobile photography.


Touching the screen takes too long, especially with a moving subject. Located on top of the case, the Moment Shutter Button is a multi-state button that enables half press and full press features, just like a DSLR camera. You can half-press it to lock focus and exposure onto a subject like never before.

By combining the press functionality of the shutter button with on-screen touch features, you can unlock advanced controls that were previously unattainable in mobile photography. No longer do you have to rely on a series of boxes to focus and meter your shot. You can use the shutter button to focus, and your fingers (touch and slide) to fine tune the lighting. This leads to cleaner photos that require less editing.

Included in the Moment Case is a proprietary lens interface. It makes your phone lens-ready while providing an industrial strength interface so you can leave your lens mounted in between shots. Best of all, the case knows when you attach a lens, enabling the Moment App to display certain features for each lens.

With traditional cameras, the strap is both functional and fashionable. Except in mobile photography, it’s completely missing, forcing you to dig into their pocket every time you want to take a picture. By making it easy to attach a traditional camera strap to the Moment case, your phone is instantly more accessible. Wearable on your wrist or around your neck, you can take more pictures of the important moments around you.