the Ray universal remote: change the way you interact with your devices

Ray is a consumer technology company focused on developing the next generation of hardware and software products. Their vision is to breathe new life into everyday objects. Their first creation, the Ray Super Remote, reimagines and reinvents the centre of our entertainment lives. Their team is comprised of industry-leading product designers, technologists, and marketers headquartered in New York City.

The Ray Super Remote is an intuitive, touchscreen universal remote for
the Internet generation. Elegant and smart, Ray offers a search function for quick access to channels and programming, as well as adaptive software that gets to know your family’s tastes and preferences. With the ease and simplicity of a mobile OS, Ray is redefining control of the entertainment centre in today’s connected homes.

the Ray universal remote: change the way you interact with your devicesSearch and Discovery

Finally, an easy and focused method for finding what you want, when you want to watch it. Personalised recommendations, favourites, smart notifications are centralised with Ray, in an intelligent and easy-to-use interface. Get to your content faster (like a particular sports match, live broadcast or film) and behind the scenes, Ray’s processors are constantly scanning data provided by networks to sleuth out patterns in what you like and don’t like.


The Ray Super Remote is made with precision-machined high-grade aluminium and has an anodised finish. The rechargeable lithium ion battery will go 10 hours on a charge, and the simple eye-pleasing charging stand will compliment any living room. As far as connectivity, Ray has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR, a mic, a speaker, and the ability to control thousands of devices in your home.


Ray’s apps and user interface were designed from the ground up by digital natives who have worked in entertainment and media for decades. It looks and feels like a smartphone, including an on-screen keyboard to simplify searches. Your customizable “Hello” screen in- includes several quick-hit categories (kids, sports, etc.) and after running through setup in just a few minutes, you are a tap or swipe away from accessing your favourite content.

Connect Your Home

Ray is the missing piece in your home A/V as well as first line interface to today’s modern connected home. We squeezed in tech that ensures you’re covered in the living room for years to come. Ray will provide your entire family control over the thermostats, lights, cameras, and more.

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