Out of all the photos taken in 2015, only about 20% were taken using point-n-shoot and DLSR cameras. The rest were taken using mobile phones, and according to estimates, this number is expected to drop to just 13% by 2017. This was the motivation needed for Geometrical's founder and chief designer, Rambod Radmard to invent the Pocket Tripod; a fully adjustable iPhone tripod that can transform to the shape of a credit card for unparalleled portability.

Rambod who himself is a photography and film making enthusiast, believes that a camera's most essential accessory is its tripod. As a mechanical engineer, he thought that it was time to reinvent the 'tripod', which has not changed since the early 1800's when photography was first invented. His reasoning was that if our primary cameras are slim enough to be discreetly carried with us every day, why should our tripods be any different.

In fact, the miniaturization of camera phones has happened so quickly in the past decade, that other camera accessories have not had chance to keep up. Geometrical has taken the lead in this race by first introducing the Pocket Tripod's concept on Kickstarter back in 2013. The idea was so revolutionary that even Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak had this to say about it:

"Why didn't someone do this before …  what a great idea that I wish I'd thought of."
– Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder (Gizmodo)

With an endorsement like that as well as others, Geometrical quickly raised almost twice its 2013 funding goal and was able to successfully manufacture the Pocket Tripod. After shipping the product in 2014 to over 2,500 backers, they went back to the drawing board to improve it even further.

The first Pocket Tripod (2013) was made for the bare iPhone 5s, a strategic choice made by Geometrical at the time, considering that iPhone users are more likely to use their phones for photography. So with a proven product that had been used by thousands of customers worldwide for the past 2 years, Geometrical was driven to solve one last obstacle. They wanted to make it possible for everyone to use the Pocket Tripod, no matter what phone they have.

Now Geometrical is back on Kickstarter, and this time they've introduced their universal Pocket Tripod which works with almost every phone and case on the market. Over 3000 backers believe that Geometrical has achieved this, and product enthusiasts on on ProductHunt.com also agree by making the Pocket Tripod the most up-voted photography accessory to date.

Geometrical only needed $6K to pay for their production run, but they've already raised over 1,500% of their goal (almost $100K), with another 19 days to go.