It is a well known fact that not everyone out there will be able to buy high end fresh computers. While the very basic computers and laptops cost very less, it is of no use in buying them in this technologically advanced world of today. To enjoy the latest technologies like the true life like games with great graphics and the most advanced computer programs you will have to buy the computers and laptops packed with modern accessories. If buying new computers is not your option, you will certainly look for used computers. Upon looking for used computers online, you'd have stumbled on the phrase "Refurbished computer". And now with the eager of finding the difference between the used computers and the refurbished computers, you have landed on this article. Just keep on reading to find the answer.

Simply explained, the refurbished computers are the used computers that near the quality of the new computers. Now you may wonder whether the used computers in good working condition are called as refurbished computers. The answer is "No". Refurbished computers are developed form the good working parts from different computers. The main difference between the refurbished computers and the used computers is that the refurbished ones are passed through various tests to ensure the working condition. In fact the test parameters will be set to factory settings and the used computer should pass this test to be called as a refurbished computer. As the test conditions are set to factory defaults, these refurbished computers and laptops will near the quality of the new ones.

The warranty coverage is another difference of the refurbished computers. The suppliers of the refurbished computers will offer a minimum of one year warranty as in the new computers. In the case of used computers, there will be no warranty. They may even fail as soon as you plug the computer in your home. The warranty coverage option of the refurbished computers makes them the first choice if you are a computer novice. There are a few refurbished computer suppliers who can assemble as computer for you based on your budget.

The used computer sales are often not bound by the law and so you cannot get your money back from the suppliers in any case. On the other hand the refurbished computers are sold with proper billing and registration. In case of any manufacturer defects you can always return the refurbished computer back to the supplier and get your money back.

Obviously if you are looking for a used computer that nears the quality of the new ones and comes up with attractive warranties, the refurbished computers are made for you.

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